for Residential Real Estate

Most property types accepted
No income verification!
Up to $3,000,000

The Secured Business Loan program for residential real estate is ideal for those who plan on holding an investment property for the foreseeable future since it comes with a stable, fully-amortized, 30-year term. It's also important to note that this secured business loan program has a minimum credit score requirement of 650 or greater; if your score is lower, no worries, we recommend you check out the Bridge Loan program since there is no minimum credit score requirement.

The Secured Business Loan for residential real estate program also has additional benefits such as the ability to minimize your prepayment penalty, flexible underwriting guidelines, and monthly principal & interest payments which helps decrease your loan balance each and every month. Like all of our loan programs, applying for a Secured Business Loan does not have any minimum time in business requirement, no minimum monthly revenues, and absolutely zero income documentation.

ELIGIBLE PROPERTY TYPES: Single Family, Condo, Townhouse, 2-4 Units

* if your property is zoned commercial please click here




Minimum Loan

Maximum Loan

Maximum LTV


No Minimum

Credit Score

Time In Business

No Minimum

Monthly Revenue

5.24% - 9.99%






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Single Family, Condo, Townhouse, Multifamily (2-4 Units)

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