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Bridge Loan lenders for real estate investors

Bridge Loans
for Residential Investment properties

Will not impact credit score

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No-doc lending for residential real estate investors.

Bridge Loans for residential investment properties provide the flexible, short-term financing you need to move quickly and efficiently. Whether you're looking to acquire a new property, refinance an existing one, or tap into the equity of your investment for renovation or other business related needs, the Bridge Loan program covers it all. Catering to single family residences, condos, townhouses, and multifamily properties, our loans are designed to bridge the gap between your immediate financing requirements and long-term goals.

Take the first step towards funding.

Apply online

We'll review your commercial loan scenario and provide an instant decision if you're pre-qualified for a Residential Bridge Loan. There is no credit check, no cost, and no obligation to pre-qualify.

Talk with us

One of our Loan Officer's will review your funding scenario in detail, help weigh out your options, and set expectations to ensure a smooth process from start to finish.

Funding approval

Once you've selected the terms that best align with your investment strategy, your Loan Officer will submit your application for funding with lightning fast approvals. Our turn times are currently 24-hours or less.

Discover your loan terms, rates, and more!

Will not impact credit score

What is a bridge loan?
Bridge Loan direct Lenders

Residential Bridge Loan Program

Basic Guidelines & Qualifying Criteria

Understanding the general loan program guidelines for residential bridge loans is the first step toward leveraging these powerful financial tools for your property. Designed to serve as a temporary funding solution, bridge loans can fill the gap between immediate financing needs and longer-term solutions, allowing investors and property owners to capitalize on opportunities without delay. Whether you're looking to acquire, renovate, or refinance residential properties such as single family, condo, townhouse, or multifamily dwellings, our bridge loan program is crafted with flexibility and speed in mind. In this section, we will outline the fundamental guidelines that govern our bridge loans, providing you with the clarity and confidence needed to make informed decisions about your real estate investments.




Minimum Loan

Maximum Loan

Maximum LTV

No minimum²

No Minimum

No Minimum

Credit Score

Time In Business

Monthly Revenue

9.5% +

12-24 Months





¹ LTV between 65% - 75% requires a credit score of 675 or greater.

² No minimum credit score for loans between $250,000 - $15,000,000. Loans between $75,000 - $249,999 require a credit score 675 or greater.

Lending Territory

The residential bridge loan program is currently available in 31 states, each listed below. While we prefer major metro areas and their surrounding suburbs, we will consider all property locations except for rural.

Approved States















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina




Rhode Island

South Carolina





Washington, D.C.

West Virginia


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States where we lend bridge loans
Residential Bridge Loan guidelines

Find out if you qualify in under 3 minutes.

Will not impact credit score

Bridge loans for investment property

How does the funding process work?


The first step is the most important, discovering if your unique scenario qualifies for a Residential Bridge Loan. This can be done in under 3 minutes right here on our website without any sensitive information; our main focus will be on the property. You can call us toll-free at 888-860-3612 to discuss your scenario with a Loan Advisor.

Loan Approval

Once you've been prequalified you'll receive a detailed quote, along with your loan application. After completing and e-signing your loan application you'll receive access to our loan portal where you can upload all required documents necessary to pre-underwrite and approve your loan.


Once we've issued your loan approval, the next step is a property appraisal. While we wait for the completed appraisal report, we're still actively working on preparing your loan for funding. We use this time wisely, and to our benefit, by working to clear any final conditions, such as updating your property insurance policy.


The big day! The good news is that we make closing simple and straightforward. Just pick a day, time, and location that works best for you and the closing attorney or title company will send a settlement agent to meet you with your closing package. We make sure that your Loan Advisor will be available during closing in the event you have any specific questions.

Ready for your Commercial Bridge Loan quote?

Pre-Approval will not impact credit.
Funding process - Bridge Loans residential properties

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Please complete all required fields below to generate your Quick Quote. There is no sensitive information required to receive initial loan pricing and terms. To ensure accuracy, please answer all questions to the best of your ability as it will directly impact loan pricing.

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