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Hard Money Loans for Investors
Asset-based lending,

Will not impact credit score

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Your premier partner for commercial hard money loans.

At GreenBridge Loans, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing commercial real estate investors today. Our mission is to provide flexible, fast, and fair financing solutions to help you achieve your investment goals. Whether you are looking to acquire, refinance, or rehabilitate multifamily, mixed-use, office, or retail properties, we are here to empower your success.

Less restrictions, fast funding.

No minimum credit score

We believe in your investment, not just your credit history. Our commercial hard money loans are designed with your needs in mind, focusing on the value of the assets rather than your credit score. This approach ensures that more investors have access to the financing they need, when they need it.

Asset-based expertise

Our expertise in asset-based lending allows us to provide loans tailored to the specific needs of multifamily, mixed-use, office, and retail properties. We evaluate the potential of your investment, offering loans that reflect the value and opportunities of your property

Transparent & Fair Practices

Trust is the cornerstone of our business. At Greenbridge Loans, we pride ourselves on our transparency, integrity, and commitment to fair lending practices. We offer clear, straightforward terms and are always available to answer your questions and provide guidance throughout the loan process.

Discover your loan terms, rates, and more!

Will not impact credit score

Hard money loans for multifamily, mixed use, retail, office
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Commercial Hard Money Loan Program

Basic Guidelines & Qualifying Criteria

Understanding the nuts and bolts of this program is the first step toward leveraging the opportunities in front of you. From multifamily dwellings to retail spaces, our program is crafted to support a wide range of property types, providing the flexibility and speed needed in today's market.


Trust is the foundation of any successful partnership, and at GreenBridge Loans, we build that trust by offering transparency and support through every step of your journey. Our guidelines are designed to be clear and straightforward, ensuring you know exactly what it takes to qualify for a loan with us. With no minimum credit score requirements and a focus on asset-based lending, we open the door to possibilities that traditional financing options might leave closed.


Whether you're looking to purchase, refinance, or rehabilitate, our Commercial Hard Money Loan Program is structured to align with your objectives, offering tailored solutions that pave the way for your success. Let's embark on this journey together, transforming your real estate ambitions into tangible achievements with a trusted financial ally by your side.




Minimum Loan

Maximum Loan

Maximum LTV

No minimum



Credit Score



10.99% +

12 Months





Lending Territory

The commercial hard money loan program is currently available in most states, each listed below. We prefer major metro areas and their surrounding suburbs, however, we will consider all property locations except for rural. Additionally, if the location of the subject property located in a town/city of less than 20,000 in population it will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with an emphasis on market activity. 

Approved States















New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina




Rhode Island

South Carolina





Washington, D.C.

West Virginia


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States where we lend
Guidelines for a Commercial Hard Money Loan

Find out if you qualify in under 3 minutes.

Will not impact credit score

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How does the funding process work?


The first step is the most important, discovering if your unique scenario qualifies for a Commercial Hard Money Loan. This can be done in under 3 minutes right here on our website without any sensitive information; our main focus will be on the property. You can call us toll-free at 888-860-3612 to discuss your scenario with a Loan Advisor.

Loan Approval

Once you've been prequalified you'll receive a detailed quote, along with your loan application. After completing and e-signing your loan application you'll receive access to our loan portal where you can upload all required documents necessary to pre-underwrite and approve your loan.


Once we've issued your loan approval, the next step is a property appraisal. While we wait for the completed appraisal report, we're still actively working on preparing your loan for funding. We use this time wisely, and to our benefit, by working to clear any final conditions, such as updating your property insurance policy.


The big day! The good news is that we make closing simple and straightforward. Just pick a day, time, and location that works best for you and the closing attorney or title company will send a settlement agent to meet you with your closing package. We make sure that your Loan Advisor will be available during closing in the event you have any specific questions.

Ready for your Commercial Hard Money Loan quote?

Pre-Approval will not impact credit.
Funding process - Commercial Hard Money Loans

QUICK QUOTE: Hard Money Loan

Apply for a Commercial Hard Money Loans

Please complete all required fields below to generate your Quick Quote. There is no sensitive information required to receive initial loan pricing and terms. To ensure accuracy, please answer all questions to the best of your ability as it will directly impact loan pricing.

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